An insider's guide by a real, current student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

How I Got into MIT

The winning admissions strategy of a regular kid who beat the odds with no special hooks or talents

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Welcome to my MIT-Specific College Admissions Site: the insider's guide to MIT admissions and the actual application that got me admitted!

Dear Future MIT Student,

A couple years ago during my senior year of high school, I wanted absolutely nothing more than to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Improving my chances of admission and beating the ridiculous 90% odds of failure constantly plagued my mind. My parents had little faith in me, my teachers gave me discerning looks when I told them their letters were being sent to MIT, and my college advisor warned me that even applying was “setting myself up for a huge disappointment.”  

The day I got accepted was one of the best, most personally fulfilling days of my entire life.
I knew I could do it.... and if I can do it, anyone can do it. And that's because I realized something...

MIT rejects thousands of remarkable students every year (people far more intelligent and talented than I am) in favor of those who present themselves most insightfully on their applications.

You may find my bakcground surprisingly unexceptional. I'm not a legacy or first-generation college student, and I don't have any ground-breaking talents, connections, or secrets that helped me pull strings behind the scenes. I'm not dumb, but compared with many of the geniuses applying to MIT, I'm really not even that smart. Check out my profile below:

  • Non-minority male (effective acceptance rate of about 4%)
  • Not a first-generation college student
  • Don't come from a wealthy family (parents' income is $50K/year)

  • SAT I Score of 1380/1600
  • Never took an AP Science Class
  • Ranked 22nd percenile of high school class
  • Never played a varsity sport
  • No “ground-breaking” special talents or abilities

I knew MIT was the place for me, that I had to come, that failure was not an option. I devoted myself entirely to getting into MIT- researched the process inside and out and put my heart and soul into bringing my life together in a coherent, meaningful, touching application package. Along the way, I reflected tirelessly on my past, learned a lot about myself, and became a master of the admissions process. And I got in- while worldwide chess champions, international science fair winners, and perfect scoring SAT test-takers didn't.

The day I got my acceptance letter and the subsequent few years have reflected a new, drastically improved life full of exceptional education, people, and opportunities. Going to MIT opened doors that I never even knew existed before I set foot on campus during my freshman fall. I've taken mind-blowing courses, aced and failed final exams, programmed robots, designed and built car parts, done game-changing research and prototyping as part of an effort sponsored by IBM, spent a summer on Wall Street, met billionaire entrepreneurs, made lifelong friends who share my goals and outlook, developed leadership skills and social acumen as part of a fraternity, tiptoed across the roofs and secret tunnels of world-famous buildings, schemed up campus-wide pranks, and absolutely had the time of my life.

My Acceptance Letter

For most good students, there is nothing in your way of a future at MIT except your own ambition and determination. If you are seriously setting your sights on a school as competitive as MIT, if you are really willing to put in the extreme time and effort necessary (some of you may have already done much of this by working hard throughout high school), you need to realize that you must truly make an outstanding case for yourself to stand a chance, even if you are the smartest or most talented applicant out there. This guide can help get you a little closer to doing that, but it will not do it for you.

What it can definitely do is help you optimize your valuable time during the admissions process and show you what you should to do in order to stand out amongst top applicants in the competitive MIT admission pool. Only you know the details of your personal story and academic motivations, but I hope I can help you unlock those things to let you shed a unique and passionate light on yourself as you prepare your high school endeavors and MIT application- whether you're just starting out as a freshman or you're a senior about to apply.

Putting together the right experiences in a convincing application that tells a story is an extremely important art- the most important part of applying to elite universities. Thousands of otherwise extraordinary students are rejected every year because they neglect the importance of this difficult task. This was my strong suit, this is what I've already gone through successfully, and this is where I can help you can shine.

My 39-page guide is the only product of its kind. I'll share with you my successful philosophy on college admissions for top students as it pertains directly to MIT. My advice goes beyond what you'll find in a typical college application resource. It's written with the full intent of helping top students differentiate themselves on their MIT applications through intangibles.

I'll help show you the best approaches for creating a convincing application package that sells yourself and tells a story where MIT is the next chapter. This guide is not magical and it alone will not get you accepted (not even close). However, I'll do my best to help you optimize your time and stand out amongst top applicants as you approach the admissions process. Including personal examples and examples from current students I know, I'll help you do the following and more:

  • Discover what MIT really looks for- which goes way beyond activity lists, class names, and test scores
  • Convey the attitude of an MIT student on your application, which I believe is the most important factor in admissions
  • Reflect upon personal experiences you already have to bring attention-grabbing passion and purpose to your application
  • Convey a unique and mature perspective through writing that makes you stand out during the admissions process
  • Select, develop, and write about extracurricular activities that show the meaning, passion, and life devotion that are vital for successful application to MIT
  • Portray your life as a story where MIT is the next chapter

It's going to take a LOT more than this guide, but if you are a good student and you really devote yourself to it, it is very possible that you can make it to MIT. Let me show you what you need to approach this process effectively.

As a current student who has been through the admissions process successfully and knows the MIT student body, I would have done almost anything for a coherent resource from a successful applicant (especially one with limited tangible qualifications who still got in) that could help me with the extremely important non-quantitative aspects of the application. I believe this was my strongest asset in the admissions process. My guide will show you the philosophy behind what I did, and establish the framework for you to do it too.

You can read it in less than two hours and it will cost you NOTHING in relation to the extraordinary benefits you'll gain if you get accepted. If an MIT education is worth $200,000 (approximate cost of tuition) and this guide helps you improve your chances by just 1%, a reasonable price would be anything under $2,000! Full-time college admissions advisors with similar advice can charge upwards of $20,000!

Unlike them, I am a true, current student at MIT who did exactly what you are trying to do and can tell you how. My price is less than one-third of the $75 fee necessary to even apply to MIT- you can't say it's not worth it!

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Take the first step towards optimizing your valuable time during the admissions process and standing out amongst the top 10% of competitive applicants to get accepted to MIT. Show you're a stellar applicant that deserves to go the best technology school in the world: if you end up pulling it off, I assure you it will change your life forever. Good luck!

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